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Genealogy Interests - can you help?

Eaton Socon Parish covers a very large area and includes many hamlets and outlying farms. Are you researching a family who lived in Eaton Socon village or in any of its hamlets - Eaton Ford, Little End, Wyboston, Honeydon, etc.? Can we help you to find the house they once lived in? We have many old families still living within the area. We have access to local records e.g. school registers, and we are steadily building up resources to help.

Here are some examples of people already researching local names. Can you help?

We have already linked some local families and their distant relatives. Can we find a relative for you? Send your details to us and we'll do what we can. We will only publish e-mail or postal addresses if specifically requested; otherwise we will pass on your letters etc. If you have any information you wish to share, please let us know and we will pass it on. We'd be dleighted to hear of any unexpected reunions too!

Ian Pearson is looking for anyone interested in the Freshwater and Blofield families - his great great grandmother was a Henrietta Freshwater, baptised in Eaton Socon in 1819, probably the daughter of Richard Freshwater and Betsy Blofield. Email

Peter Hopkins is researching the Hopkins family of Eaton Socon. He has traced his family back to John Hopkins who married Mary Wade in Eaton Socon Church in 1824. John was born to Thomas Hopkins and Susannah Emery. Email

Sylvia Nobbs is researching the name of Newman in the villages of Crosshall Ford, Eaton Ford and Eaton Socon in the 1800s and if possible back to the 1700s. She is researching the family of William Newman born in Eaton Socon, christened 31/07/1814 at St Marys Eaton Socon who married Rachel Norman in 1838 at the Parish church in St Neots, parents Thomas Newman and Elizabeth. Email

Sharon McKenzie at is researching the names of Ayres and Beesley in Eaton Socon. Joseph (Jr) Beesley and Ruth Ball were married c. 1902/3 e-mail:

Linda Hendry is researching the names of Newman, Storey, Townsend, Peacock and Freshwater in Eaton Socon and Eaton Ford. William Newman and Betsey Storey, born in the Eatons settled in Old Brompton, Kent. William Newman joined the army in 1847. e-mail:

Peter Freshwater of Edinburgh is researching the names of Freshwater, in Eaton Socon, Great Barford and Roxton. They were vigorous here in the 18th and early 19th centuries but gradually decreased after the middle of the 19th century, as different lines died out and as families moved away to London and elsewhere. His own family continued in Market Harborough, Leics after George Freshwater (1803-1864) , of Great Barford, set himself up as a grazier, married a local girl from Cottingham, Northants and started a family of his own. e-mail:

Celia Perry is researching the names of Billington and Marshall in The Eatons. in the late 19th and early 20th century. Joseph Billington was a local policeman and the Marshall family farmed many acres of land in the area.

Sue Smart of East Yorkshire is researching the names of Pridmore and Emery in Wyboston, Eaton Socon. pre-1890

Tom and Nada Newell of Prince George BC are researching the names of Thody and Bartram in Eaton Socon. Their relative Albert William Thody was born in Eaton Socon on August 28, 1873. His parents were William Thody (b. Eaton Socon) and Mary Ann Bartram (b. Eynesbury, Hunts). Albert left Eaton Socon for the USA in 1896 and then moved to Canada in 1903. Another member of the family built two houses in Peppercorns Lane, Eaton Socon and put an inscription on them saying JT.

Karen Usher of Eaton Socon is researching the names of Thody, Usher and Anderson in Eaton Socon.

Sharon Bailey is researching the name of Stock in Eaton Socon.

Graham Taylor of Leicester is researching the name of Fisher in Eaton Ford. His relative Furniss Fisher was a carpenter in the area.

Claire Lewis is researching the names of Lovell in Wyboston. John Lovell had property at Wyboston in 1713. In 1715 one Lovell family moved to Thurleigh, Beds and in 1748 another Lovell family moved to Great Barford, Beds. Wyboston is a small village about 1 mile south of Eaton Socon. Until 1999 Wyboston was in the parish of Eaton Socon.

Sheila Austin is researching the names of Elliott in Eaton Socon. William Elliott, born Eaton Socon 1851, married Mary Harwood of St. Neots. Their son George Henry Elliott, born 1846, married Eliza Robins in 1860.

Patrick Payne of Virginia is researching the names of Payne. Robert Payne (d.1601) purchased the manor of St. Neots in 1590. A grandson, also Robert Payne (d.1632), owned land in Eaton Meadows.

Ian Murray of Aylesbury is researching the names of Maddy in Eaton Socon and Eaton Ford.

Beryl Sandever of Grimsby is researching the names of Sandever in Eaton Socon. Lived there since the late 18th century.

John Emery is researching the names of Bartram in Eaton Socon. Francis and George Bartram ran the Recruiting Sergeant pub near George Bridge in the late 19th century.

Kay Hartop is researching the names of Hartop in Eaton Socon.

Tracy Moffatt is researching the names of Manning in Wyboston and Eaton Socon.

Catherine Atkin is researching the names of Fletcher and Brace in Eaton Socon. Joseph Fletcher married Elizabeth Brace on 14 October 1826 in Eaton Socon.

Frank Owens of Hornchurch is researching the names of Bartram and Hackett in Eaton Socon.

Lucinda Williams is researching the names of Cousins and Ibbett in Eaton Socon.

Audrey and Howard Robins of Willenhall is researching the names of Robins, Elliott and Aspland

Audrey Murphy of Stevenage is researching the names of Whitmee in Eaton Socon.

John Smith of Cornwall is researching the name of Wesley in Eaton Socon.

John Thody of Brackendene, Ash Surrey is researching the name of Thody. He believes he was the last male Thody born in Eaton Socon. His great-great-grandfather was the great-great-great-grandfather of Tom Newell e-mail: Address: 'Pine Ridge', Brackendene, Ash, Surrey, GU12 6BN

Loelle Forrester is researching the Lovell family in Eaton Socon - email

Martin Southwood is researching the name Stocker in Eaton Socon and elsewhere. - email

Angela O'Dell, is researching a Joseph Joyce Duloe, William Joyce Eaton Ford. Also the names Barker, Smith, Maile, Abrahams who all married into the Joyce family in and a round Eaton Socon.

Sue Paul,, is researching the names of FLAWN (blacksmiths in 17th & 18th centuries) in Eaton Socon (including Fishers Green), LIVETT and LEE (19th century)in Wyboston and JARVIS (18th century) in Eaton Socon.

Hannah Reynolds of Eaton Socon is researching the Reynolds and Maddy familes of Eaton Socon and Eaton Ford.

Heather McGuinness,, is researching the names of RICH of Wyboston and Silsoe and also MADDY

Brian Embleton at and Carolyn Miller at are researching the Partridge and White families in Eaton Socon

Val Kempster is researching the names of White in Eaton Socon. Thomas White was christened in 1756 aged 16, and married Ann Wagstaff in Felmersham in 1769. Their son George lived in Eaton Ford all his life and had many children.

Janice Coyston, is researching the Strattons from the area

Phil Child is researching Flanders in Eaton Socon and St Neots - email Tel 01509 412571

Guy Boocock is researching the McNish, Hall and Goodgames families living in ES. His great-great-grandmother was Agnes Hall, daughter of Christopher Hall and she married Thomas Goodgames. He also has a headed bill from The Cock Inn, which became The Manor House (now demolished) next to the Church. The McNish family that lived there for some years. Email

Corrina Jones from West Sussex is researching the Maddy family from Eaton Socon and Eaton Ford - email

Caroline Poulton, nee Hart, is researching the Hart family, many of whom were born in the Duloe and Staploe hamlets in Eaton Socon Parish - email

Ann Metcher is researching the Fisher family in Eaton Socon and Wyboston. George Fisher born late 1600's Wyboston. His son William Fisher born about 1715 married Elizabeth Betts. Their son Thomas born about 1754 married Elizabeth Knight. Their son John Fisher was baptised in Yelling, Cambridgeshire married Alice Butcher from Graveley where the family remained apart from a short sojourn to Leeds during the Industrial Revolution. Ann is descended from Sarah Fisher who married Samuel Sanford in Graveley and had 18 children - all of whom survived. - email -

Beryl Erridge is researching the families of Smith with Emery, Maddy and Beal connections. Her great grandfather Amos Smith was born about 1874. He went to London and married Lily Jane Woods in 1896. Amos was the son of John Smith c. 1831 and grandson of Richard Smith c. 1806

Christine Adgo is researching the Darringtons of Eaton Socon. - email -

Stanley A Godfrey of Leicester has an extensive Family Tree of the Giblett family of Eaton Socon, any one interested in this family can contact me. - email - - telephone - 01162866584.

Nic is researching the Felce family of the area. - email -

Jonathon Partridge b 1789 of Bletsoe, who moved out to Eaton Socon & married Susan Millard in 1809. They had 7 children, each having families linked to Bowles, Bluff, Goodcliff, Cooper, Sanders, & Northfield. The next generation then has Marriage links to Maddy, Carress, Wrench. ewman, Hillson families. Anyone with those names that links Partridge, Please contact me. - email -

June Neal,, looking for any descendants of Samuel Stringer who married a Ann Sibley they were both born c1800 they had at least 3 children - one was William who married a Hannah Brightman

Thelma and Ken Hancock are researching the Cambers from Eaton Socon. Thelma’s father is Frances George Cambers born in Eaton Socon in 1916. He was blind and went away to school. Contact Thelma and Ken at

Sue Lloyd is researching her great grandfather John Andrews believed to have been born in Eaton Ford around 1798. He was a shoemaker and moved to London. Email:

Elena Reyes is researching the Elliotts and Smiths. David ELLIOTT, son of Job ELLIOTT & Eliza Ann SMITH. Job was the son of David ELLIOTT & Hannah PERKINS. David was the son of John ELLIOTT, not born in the Eatons. Anyone researching this family can contact Elena at

Gordon Rhodes - researching the Day family - In the 1870's & 80's most of the children of Joseph Day and his wife Betsy (Smith) moved to Derby. Any light that can be shed on what prompted this move would be very welcome. The children who moved were:- Rebekah Day/Jesse Townsend, Robert Day/Susannah Joyce, Elizabeth Day/Frederick Maddy, Arthur Day/Kate or Fate? and sister Mary Ann Day. Susannah died soon after the move, and Robert remarried, to Annie Cheetham, also from Eaton Socon. Email:

Steve Collins of Leicester is researching the Harts of Eaton Socon. He is descended from William and Ann Hart, and their son Joseph. Joseph moved to Northampton around 1860, but his siblings and some ancestors are still in Eaton Socon in 1900. Email:

Gilbert Wilson researching the following: Mary White married Jonathon Tester at Eaton Socon 15 November 1796. They had a son John Tester birth 21 January 1800 at Eaton Ford. Baptism 29 December 1802 at St. Neots Wesleyan Circuit , Hunts. John Tester married Martha Robinson 30 March 1818 at Leicester and their daughter was Anna Tester. Please can anyone help with further information on any of these people. Email:

Wilf Hodgkinson is researching families in Eaton Socon including Townsend, Sewell, Smith and Beal. There are connections with other families eg. Flint, Bull and Giblett and with the late Alan Smith, founder of well-known building company in St Neots. Email:

Deidre Freshwater has traced back to her 4th Great Grandfather Paul Freshwater who was born in Willington, Beds, around 1786 and transported on a convict ship to Australia in 1815, leaving behind his wife Susan(nah) LANE and their children. She is descended from their son William Freshwater who married Mary BALL (b. Eaton Socon). William and Mary's son Sellis Freshwater, my 2nd Great Grandfather, (b. Eaton Socon), moved to London and married Harriet CARTER and then Elizabeth PAPWORTH, both brides, she believes, had family in the Cambridge area.